The Best Potty Training Reward Systems

See our latest blog, where we break down some of our favorite reward systems for training your kids to use the toilet.

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Mr. Winkie Here...

With me, you don’t have to worry about falling in the toilet anymore. You get the red light if the toilet seat has been left up and a green light if the toilet seat is down! You see, I have a dual sensor and I light up as soon as you enter your bathroom doorway. Never again will you get caught off guard sitting on a cold, wet, germ infested toilet bowl rim.



Mr. Winkie Helps You Get the Job Done!

Night-time toilet use is now stress free with Mr. Winkie's, easy to setup & use, Night Light & Motion Sensor.

How Mr. Winkie Helps You Get the Job Done!
How Mr. Winkie Helps You Get the Job Done!

Easy installation

Follow the step-by-step directions to place Mr. Winkie on your toilet.

How Mr. Winkie Helps You Get the Job Done!


These 2 sensors let Mr. Winkie know if the seat is up or down.

How Mr. Winkie Helps You Get the Job Done!

Motion Activated

Mr. Winkie can detect movement and lights up when you walk into the bathroom.

How Mr. Winkie Helps You Get the Job Done!

Smart Light Colors

When the light is red, the seat is up. When the light is green, the seat is down.

What Do Other People Have to Say About Mr. Winkie?

"Mr. Winkie has helped both of my kids with their potty training. They love that the light comes on by itself at night."


Mom of two
"I am a very light sleeper and a grumpy bear when my girlfriend turns on that bathroom light. Mr. Winkie has helped us both out."


Sleeping Better
"I bought one for my husband. He no longer has an excuse for making a mess in the middle of the night. Yep, it worked. ;-)"


Happy Wife...Happy Life
"We got Mr. Winkie as a wedding gift from Grandma. She told us the key to a successful marriage is communication, but we wouldn't have to worry about the toilet seat.


A Great Gift

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By the time you get to potty training your toddler, you feel like you’ve taken on just about everything that parenthood could throw your way. Then suddenly, your child...

Potty training is a necessary part of parenthood, but it’s often one that we, as parents, dread its arrival. True, it means no more changing poopy diapers, and it also means that few hundred dollars a month that goes to diapers can be put to use somewhere else. But it also means finding “surprises” throughout your home when your child didn’t make it to the bathroom, or just didn’t feel like it. It can be a messy time, and a lot of children resent the potty training process. If you’re considering embarking on a potty training adventure, you have our greatest sympathy, as well as a few of our best tips.