By the time you get to potty training your toddler, you feel like you’ve taken on just about everything that parenthood could throw your way. Then suddenly, your child is pulling off their diaper to pee on things, or doing the unthinkable, reaching their hands into their diaper and making a vomit inducing mess. Yuck. You know it’s time to potty train. A lot of kids will be somewhat resistant to potty training. It’s best to wait to potty train until they have begun to show signs of readiness for potty training, for best results. However, the satisfaction of peeing in the toilet instead of their diaper probably isn’t enough motivation for them to make the switch. Enter: bribery.

The classic: treats

Probably one of the most utilized potty training systems is to reward your child with treats when they use the potty. You know what type of treats are going to be most effective with your child, but make sure it’s something they don’t have access to very often, so it’s a special treat! We recommend having a special jar of candy like m&ms or skittles by the bathroom. Every time they successfully go on the potty, they get one out of the jar. This way, there is still some sort of moderation involved.

Sticker Charts

Another way to help motivate your child, and help them see their progress, is to set up a sticker chart. It’s pretty simple, honestly. A plain piece of paper, simply stating it is their potty chart. You can break it out into days, or you can leave it blank. Let them go to the store with you and pick out stickers they like. Every time they go in the potty, they get to put a sticker on their chart!

Let them pick out new underwear

Every kid loves a new toy, and new underwear is kind of like a new toy. Right? Maybe? Take your toddler to the store, and have them pick out new underwear. Get them really excited about their big boy/big girl underwear. Tell them that they can only wear these if they don’t pee in them/have any accidents. Obviously, there will be accidents, but when accidents happen, switch to pullups temporarily until they’re ready to go back to their special underwear.

When all else fails, screen time

If your child doesn’t mind sitting on the toilet, but has a hard time actually going or doesn’t want to sit on the toilet for more than a few seconds, it’s time to bring out the screens. Letting them play a game on a tablet(make sure the screen is big enough they couldn’t easily drop it into the toilet), will help them sit on the toilet long enough to go. It also helps them relax. You won’t want to do this forever, but can be helpful in the beginning stages of potty training to help them get comfortable on the toilet and make the connection of what is supposed to happen on the toilet.