Frequently Asked QUestions


Frequently Asked QUestions

Product Functionality

Q: My light blinks red and green when I install the batteries to my toilet light. Is that normal?
A: Yes, that is completely normal. The light is calibrating.
Q: Will my toilet light stick to my toilet lid?
A: Mr. Winkie’s toilet light will Any non-porous lid, except wood. We recommend cleaning the lid with rubbing alcohol to remove all film that would otherwise prevent the toilet lid light from sticking.
Q: How do you slide the back off? Great question! It’s best to do the following or watch our installation video here.
1) stick the light in the proper position on the toilet lid. Press firmly.
2) slide the face to the right. The face will shift to the right only ½ inch or so.
3) Pull on face and it will come right off.
4) Reverse the steps to put the face back on. Be sure to align the 3 nubs when putting the face back on for a secure fit.
Q: How long does a toilet light last before batteries need to be changed?
A: Mr. Winkie Toilet Lights will last 3-6 months when using Duracell or Energizer batteries at normal use (2-3 times daily)
Q: Can the light be moved from one toilet to another?
A: Alas, it cannot. It is a double-sided tape and like all adhesives, once unstuck, the stickiness integrity goes with it. But, you can take advantage of our 2-pack offer and you’ll be covered.
Q: Is the toilet light motion activated?
A: Yes. Absolutely. Unequivocally yes! It has a motion sensor and the light lasts about 30 seconds before automatically shutting off unless you’re still moving. If you fall asleep on the toilet, well, it will at least shut off to help you sleep.
Q: What colors does the toilet light change to?
A: When the seat is up, the light turns red to signal “STOP”… don’t sit until you put the seat down. When the seat is down, the light will be a welcoming green.
Q: Does this light project images or words?

A: Mr Winkie toilet lights do not project words or images at this time, but now is your chance to let us know what images you prefer. We may or may not be in development for future products and you could be a part of it! Email your product ideas to [email protected].

Warranty Questions

Q: What if my toilet light dies after the warranty window closes?
A: Mr. Winkie offers a limited grace period for up to 1 year for any toilet light purchased through mrwinkie.com. This grace period also applies to purchases made on Amazon.com, but only where the buyer has purchased directly from Mr. Winkie seller and not a third-party reseller. You will need the order number to the original purchase.
Q: How long is my product warranty?
A: Every purchase made on mrwinkie.com is given a 60-day money-back warranty. Grace period warranties qualify for replacements only.
Q: What does the Warranty cover?
1) 60 Money-Back Warranty: 60 days from date of purchase, you can either get replacement or get your money back, even if you simply don’t like it. Period.

2) Grace Period Warranty? You can replace your defective Mr. Winkie toilet light during the 1-year grace period (1 year from date of original purchase). However, refunds will no longer be available after the 60-day money back warranty expires.

3) A defective product is where the light does not work as designed. The warranties cover the entire unit. If you fail to read the instructions, and let’s say, you drop the light into the water, then we will 1) laugh and shake our heads, then 2) we will gladly give you a 1 time “oops pass”.

General Questions

Q: Do toilet UV lights work?
A: here are many counterfeits and cheap lights claiming to sanitize your toilet with UV light. But, let’s say the light really is UV. Then the bowl gets clean but your toilet light still gets messy from bad aim.

Why not just avoid the mess all together? The fact is, toilet bowl lights get nasty. Avoid the mess by getting a Mr. Winkie light that sits on the lid, high above the mess. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning and it’s secure enough that toddlers won’t walk off with it in their mouths or up their noses. Trust us… we know.

Q: Do Toilet bowl Lights work?

A: Being a seller on Amazon.com, you’ll see 80% of them have the same clunky design. Why? Because they are all made from the same manufacturer in China. We know because we sell on Amazon and we have searched manufacturers. We decided there was not an adequate design for toilet bowl lids in China, so we made our own. Go ahead and try the toilet bowl lights… then you’ll see there’s a better way at mrwinkie.com.

Q: How many batteries do toilet lights require?
A: Mr. Winkie Toilet Lights require 2 AA batteries. Illumibowl and other toilet bowl lights need 3 batteries.

Magic Toilet lite


No more fumbling in the dark to find the toilet.
No more kids being too afraid to go potty in the night.
No more worry about aging parents tripping in the dark.
Enjoy a toilet lid light that’s smarter than those bowl lights.
Enjoy a gentle glow that won’t wake up your partner.

Magic Toilet lite


Say good bye to bumping into stuff in the dark in bathroom Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark Potty Train your kids faster and teach independence Better performance than toilet bowl lights Never worry about cleaning unlike those rechargeable lights

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