About Us

The owner of Mr. Winkie & his family

I’ve spent most of my life developing and marketing products that I helped patent. I may not have come up with the original idea, but I seem to have a knack for seeing something and knowing how to make it  better. So much so, that I have obtained several patents on my improvements due to the dramatic changes I achieved.

When I first saw a picture of a toilet bowl light, my first thought was, "This is a clever idea." My next thought was, "Ooh - not a good idea to hang the light over the toilet rim. Highly unsafe and extremely unsanitary." I don’t believe there is any surface in a home that is more germ infested and unsanitary than a toilet. To place a light over the rim not only exposes it to streams of urine but leaves it vulnerable to the inquisitive hands of small children; the very children we are trying to potty-train.

Children have been known to run off with over-the-rim hanging toilet lights and play with them, exposing their little hands, faces and even mouths to more germs and bacteria than I care to think of. Not to mention, these lights occasionally get knocked into the bowl which can ruin the device and therefore waste the money spent on it.

My immediate solution to the toilet-light-problem, was to attach it to the top of the lid. This way it stays up high, out of the way of all the toilet bowl nastiness, and children cannot remove it to use as a toy.

I was also excited about installing a dual sensor to detect movement the moment anyone enters the bathroom. This makes a night run to the restroom safe and far more comfortable than having to turn on the bright, overhead light. And because the light is activated as soon as you enter the bathroom, there is no more fumbling in the dark to get close enough to the toilet to activate the over-the-rim version. Small children no longer need to be afraid of having to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. Mr. Winkie is there, waiting for them, able to light the way so they know they are safe.

The more I thought about it, I remembered how hard it was to help my wife potty train my six children when they were young. We had to resort to the old Cheerio-ploy; throwing the cereal in the toilet to give my boys something to aim at. I thought how nice it would have been to have a picture of some sort in the bottom of the bowl for them to target. So, I created (4) pictures for kids to choose from every time they visit the toilet. This actually makes going potty fun. "Hmm, which picture do I want each time I go?" They can ask themselves. I’ve even created holiday themed pictures they can choose from. Bring on Christmas!

Providing a child with a choice, makes what you are trying to teach them more memorable. Therefore, potty training is less threatening, potentially fun and something they now WANT to do.

When my mind gets going, it can be difficult to reign in! To add to the pictures, I thought it would be cool to have something interactive a parent can do with their child to further encourage potty training as a positive experience; so, I created a Mr. Winkie puppet! This non-threatening toy opens the possibility of role-playing, reinforcing positive interaction between parent- child, and child-toilet. Thus, removing much of the inherent struggle of potty training.

But I didn’t stop there- I created a whole new line of products. (I love saying that) My Mr. Winkie products include toilet sprays like "poo-purri", but ours are ORGANIC and "kid safe". There is also alcohol-free hand sanitizer, Organic hand and body lotion and everything comes in multiple scents, so your bathroom can now be the best smelling room in the whole house.

I hope that you and your family enjoy our Mr. Winkie Toilet Lite & other products, making for a safer, cleaner and far more pleasant bathroom experience for one and all. We share this with you from our family to yours.