Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Mr Winkie?

    1. FIRST, watch our 60-second animated Installation Video.
    2. Lift the toilet lid cover all the way up to the upright position.

    3. Now lift the toilet seat all the way up to the upright position as well.
    4. Make sure your toilet lid is clean underneath, remove any film or residue that may be present, best to use an ammonia type cleaner, one that will not leave a film on the surface, so that Mr. Winkie will stick firmly onto the lid.  
    5. Peel the cover off the tape on the back, then place Mr. Winkie in the center of your toilet seat, just under the lip/rim of the toilet seat, about 1/4 of an inch below the toilet seat lip/rim. ( see picture on inside cover of box ) Press filmy for a few seconds to make sure you have a good firm attachment. The shadow of the toilet seat passing over the top of Mr.Winkie is what triggers the motion sensor to change colors. Red light the seat is up. Green light the seat is down.
    6. Now grab Mr. Winkie and slide him to your right. IMPORTANT: Just before you install the batteries in Mr. Winkie, take your finger and press firmly on the TOP, MIDDLE, AND BOTTOM of the back plate to make extra sure that Mr. Winkie is secured firmly to your toilet LID. Now, put your two AA batteries in ( Not Included ) and slide Mr. Winkie back on to the back plate to your left.

Are batteries required?

Yes, Mr. Winkie needs two AA batteries (not included). We designed our Magic Toilet Lite to be efficient. You most likely will change these batteries less than the lightbulbs in your bathroom. ; )

Is there a warranty?

Yes, we offer an automatic 30 day full money back guarantee. However we are so confident you will love Mr. Winkie that we challenge you to put us to the test! Use our product for up to 90 days, risk-free by registering online for the extended warranty. If for any reason you are not completely happy, return the product for a full refund.

What if my light doesn't work?

Please note that Mr. Winkie only works the night shift. He may choose to put in some overtime during the day, but please make sure to check on him after dark in the first 30 days. If you believe he has put in his notice (stopped working), and you are within your money back guarantee period submit your claim.

Can the light fall into the water?

Mr. Winkie is water resistant, but sorry at this time he does not know how to swim. He is not water proof. IMPORTANT: To make EXTRA sure Mr. Winkie doesn't take a dip and go swimming, just before you install the batteries in Mr. Winkie, take your finger and press firmly on the TOP, MIDDLE, AND BOTTOM of the back plate to make extra sure Mr. Winkie is secured firmly to your toilet LID. Please use caution to not drop Mr. Winkie as you install the product. Once he is in place and due to his location Mr. Winkie is out of the way of most bathroom aquatic disasters.

What if my package does not arrive?

Oh, no! We hope Mr. Winkie did not get lost. Please check your confirmation to double check the estimated delivery date. If you are a couple days past this time please fill out this form to let us know.

Does Mr. Winkie come in different colors?

At this time, Mr. Winkie is only available in white. We would love your input. Please fill out the customer survey and let us know what other colors you would like to see.

Additionally, Mr. Winkie's light is either red or green in color. We do not have any more colors at this time as they indicate whether or not the toilet seat is up.

Do you have bulk or corporate discounts?

We do have a retail and corporate partner pricing for bulk orders. Please fill out our contact form and we will send you a link to information.

Specs for Mr. Winkie

  • Mr. Winkie is 3 inches wide at the base, and 3 1/2 inches tall.
  • Mr. Winkie weighs 3.8oz without batteries.
  • Mr. Winkie requires two (2) AA batteries (not included).
  • Mr. Winkie typically will last 1 year on the batteries, depending on how often the bathroom is used.
  • Mr. Winkie has TWO dual build in sensors that detect any movement in the bathroom and detects the movement and position of the seat.
  • Mr. Winkie lights up RED if the toilet seat has been left up, and turns GREEN if the seat is in the down position.
  • Installs in less that 10 seconds (No Tools Required).

I have another question...

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