Installation Instructions

1. Lift the toilet lid cover all the way up to the upright position.

2. Now lift the toilet seat all the way up to the upright position as well.

3. Make sure your toilet lid is clean underneath, remove any film or residue that may be present, best to use an ammonia type cleaner, one that will not leave a film on the surface, so that Mr. Winkie will stick firmly onto the lid.  

4. Peel the cover off the tape on the back, then place Mr. Winkie in the center of your toilet seat, just under the lip/rim of the toilet seat, about 1/4 of an inch below the toilet seat lip/rim. ( see picture on inside cover of box ) Press filmy for a few seconds to make sure you have a good firm attachment. The shadow of the toilet seat passing over the top of Mr.Winkie is what triggers the motion sensor to change colors. Red light the seat is up. Green light the seat is down.

5. Now grab Mr. Winkie and slide him to your right. IMPORTANT: Just before you install the batteries in Mr. Winkie, take your finger and press firmly on the TOP, MIDDLE, AND BOTTOM of the back plate to make extra sure that Mr. Winkie is secured firmly to your toilet LID. Now, put your two AA batteries in ( Not Included ) and slide Mr. Winkie back on to the back plate to your left.