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Give your family, friends, and guests a wonderful scent to enjoy while doing their business. Mr. Winkie has two special recipes, Huckleberry and Lavender Lemongrass. Your bathroom doesn’t have to smell. It’s a FACT!

Features & Benefits

All Mr. Winkie sprays are made with ORGANIC plant extracts and essential oils; No synthetic fragrance; No parabens; No phthalates; No aerosols; No formaldehyde; Non-toxic; Only a blend of biodegradable plant-based essential oils and extracts, aka pure liquid love.
Smelling up the bathroom can be expected but it’s unacceptable in close quarters; Our bottles are a must on a cruise or in a dorm; Don’t be that person who thinks flushing quickly prevents the booty scent from emerging.
Kitchens often have lurking smells especially around the holiday, so pay no offense with this household sprayer and never be embarrassed again; a few spritzes and the enemy is neutralized. Enjoy a Huckleberry scent or a Lavender Lemongrass aroma.
Did you know odors are tiny particles floating in the air? Stop breathing in poo particles as it gets all over, even your toothbrush; Make yourself the BEST SENSIBLE BATHROOM USER in town.
Smell the greatness this Christmas and reclaim your throne with confidence; We don’t put up with crap, so this toilet bowl essential comes with our 100% MONEY BACK manufacturer warranty; There is simply no risk, really.


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