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I am great with kids and can help them get excited about potty training. Associate getting their business done and washing their hands with a positive experience.

Features & Benefits

Can’t get your child to want to potty train? Well, Mr. Winkie can! Turn scary potty time into potty party fun with Mr. Winkie Potty Training Puppets; No more stubbornness; Boys and girls love this so win some fun mommy daddy points and eliminate the frustration of potty training today.
Premium Soft Cotton; Hypoallergenic; Hand wash only
Help your little one do their duty in confidence and take your win knowing THIS art of persuasion works. Just get your acting skills ready, because your child will persuade you back.
Not an actual toilet; If your child poops or pees in it… PLEASE don’t return it… Spare us the horror and in return, we’ll gladly refund your money and send you a new one instead 😉
Made by parents, for parents; Enjoy 100% Money Back Manufacturer’s Promise; If you don’t like it, return it; No hassle; Free Returns; Amazon 30 day return policy applies


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